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Turning Point Training and Development, LLC | Novi, MI

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Turning Point Training & Development Novi, MI

WE Are Your PROVEN Sandler Sales Training Experts!

With our vast experience in sales and development, you are assured to get  high quality business coaching & training based around the Sandler Sales Solutions.

Turning Point offers services for:

  • Sales Teams
  • Management Leaders
  • VP's & Executives
  • "Non-selling" Professionals

If You Are Required To Service & Develop Accounts & New Business, YOU Need Turning Point Training!

Our team of coaches and trainers blend proprietary content and industry leading Sandler Training to deliver a unique brand of highly effective sales and personal development.

We are available for one-on-one personal development, group training sessions, and public speaking engagements for your organization and associations.

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I Am Dedicated To Your Success!

About Shannon Lipp

At Turning Point Training and Development powered by Sandler Training, we teach managers, salespeople, and customer care representatives two things: how to communicate and how to succeed. 

I like to say we are in a growth market, because of technological advancement. However people are not becoming better communicators. Managers have a difficult job with difficult communication challenges like firing employees, motivating direct reports, or handling difficult negotiations. In sales, it is easy. Better communicators sell more, and sell more easily.

In customer service, you face difficult people in difficult situations, and communication is the key to keeping customers happy and coming back.

We Incorporate Success Principles Into ALL Of Our Turning Point Training!

Things like goal setting, accountability, and a positive attitude are required for success in any pursuit or career, but they are rarely taught or reinforced in organizations.

Contact US Today!

(248) 238-8441